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Regression Therapy and Past Life Regression

Regression Therapy / Past Life Regressions use hypnosis to access higher states of consciousness, and the subconscious mind. During the session the client can recall past lives, get answers from their higher self, ask for healing of the body, release emotions and past life trauma, ask for messages from their guides, angels, ascended masters and connect with loved ones that have crossed over. The Quantum Field, which we are typically unable to see, touch or feel, is very real. See the Regression Therapy page for more information. Energetic Exchange: $300.00

Marconic Ascension Energy

​Marconic Energy helps you drop density from your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies by raising your energetic signature. The full-spectrum energy works in the ascending 5D body template, where older 3D healing modalities are no longer effective. Marconic Energy Helps You: - Rise above fear frequencies and drop limiting beliefs - Activate your DNA and unlock your hidden talents - Expand your energy field and stop taking on negative energy - Attract people and opportunities that serve your highest purpose - Restore your chakras to their full capacity and function - Release karmic debris and raise your vibration - Discover and align with your true life path There are two types of Marconic Energy Sessions, the No-Touch method which can be done virtually or in person, and the Recalibration which is done in person only. The Recalibration session is done over 2 sessions completed within 72 hours. See the Marconic Energy page for more information. Energetic Exchange: $75 for No Touch, $333 for Recalibration

Sound Healing using Tuning Forks and Solfeggio Frequencies

Sound Healing using Tuning forks use the ancient sacred Solfeggio tones via tuning forks to help balance our energies and open us up to our full potential. It is designed to facilitate the movement of chi energy throughout the energy body. Energy is directed up the spine from the root chakra to the crown chakra where it makes a Sacred Pause before descending down the front side of the body from crown to root. Using these special sound frequencies and pure intention, we can facilitate healing and transformation. See the Sound Healing page for more information. Energetic Exchange: $65 per session

Ascension Coaching

Feeling out of alignment with your current life? Want to know more about what Ascension is and how to raise your vibration? Are you ready to shift your mindset into a 5D mindset? Do you need help navigating the shifts to your body and intuitive abilities? Ascension Coaching may be for you. Schedule a free consultation to explore more about Ascension Coaching. Energetic Exchange: $65 per session


The Spiral Emotional Release

This 7 Step Journey combines ideas from Spiral Dynamics, David Hawkins' Levels of Consciousness, the Chakra System and the Chinese Meridian map to quickly and accurately clear our personal unconscious triggers associated with 22 of the most common human emotions. Energetic Exchange: $1200 for 10 sessions


Emotional Release

Release emotions from your body and energetic field using various Emotional Release techniques. Emotional Clears such as Chakra Line Clears which clears the emotions between 2 people or a person and a thing or situation. Statement Clears that bring a belief about something to neutral so it stops holding you back. Other types of emotional clears available. The best type of clear is determined when we meet. Energetic Exchange: $65 per 1 hour session


Access Bars and Facelift

What is Access Bars? Access Bars is a life-changing method that has helped countless individuals transform various aspects of their lives, from weight management to better relationships. It's a powerful tool that can bring relief to those dealing with depression, anxiety, sleep issues, ADHD, and more. How does it work? "The Bars" refers to 32 points on the head where we store our thoughts, emotions, decisions, and attitudes from this life and beyond. These points hold limitations that can impact different areas of our lives. In an Access Bars session, a practitioner gently touches these points, releasing electromagnetic charge and freeing you from these limitations. This can positively affect areas like money, creativity, aging, joy, and communication. Clearing limitations in one area can create positive ripples throughout your life. Experience the Benefits Imagine silencing that inner voice that won’t ever stop. Access Bars offers you the chance to silence the chatter, the noise, the stress, the anxiety and depression so you can experience peace, calm, sleep, ease and joy. It's a gateway to infinite possibilities, helping you lead a more harmonious life. Who can benefit? Access Bars is perfect for anyone seeking greater ease and happiness. Whether you're a first responder dealing with the pressures of your job or anyone wanting to break free from limitations, this method is for you. Energetic Exchange: $90 per 1.5 hour session


Free Consultation

Have questions? Not sure which service is best for you? Schedule a free 30 Minute services consultation and we will address all of your questions to see which service is best for you at this moment.

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