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Past Life Regression Online

Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (S.C.H.H.)


In addition to practicing the techniques of Dolores Cannon with QHHT or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, I am also certified in Laura Whitworth's Soul Center Healing Hypnosis. Laura created her Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (S.C.H.H) technique through wanting to utilize a Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique that does everything!


Over the years, Laura encountered many situations that are not covered in many popular Past Life Regression Techniques. Clients may have unresolved Trauma or Grief from this lifetime that needs to be worked through before progressing into Past Lives, or they may have Entity or Energetic attachments that do not allow them to progress successfully into the Theta Brainwave state. Clients then need these Entity attachments taken off, their Chakras Re-built and their Aura Re-sealed before we are able to progress into a Past Life Regression.


Laura’s Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (S.C.H.H.) Technique ensures that any unresolved Grief, Traumas and Entities are dealt with and any Energetic Adjustments are made prior to us embarking on the Past Life Regression Journey and then the Higher Self Questions.

Past Life Regression Online 

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