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Lanette playing singing bowls

About Lanette Ferguson 

Your 5D Ascension Guide to Releasing What No Longer Serves You

and Raising Your Vibration

Hi, I'm Lanette Ferguson, owner of Elevate Your Health Vibe. I spent most of my life in Corporate America working in Information Technology and then in Organizational Development and Change. In 2020 I took the queue from the universe to move into my purpose work as a healer in service to others.

Over the last few years I gathered a lot of information and multiple certifications. This provides me with a breadth of knowledge and skills to pull from when working with clients. While I am certified in many different alternative healing modalities including being a Certified Coach, Spiral Emotional Clearing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Past Life Regressionist, Access Consciousness Bars, Energy Transfer Reset, Sound Healing using Tuning Forks and crystals, and now as an Advanced Marconic Quantum Healing practitioner, I have narrowed the types of services I offer to Past Life Regressions, Sound Healing and Marconics. 

Why did I make the decision to focus my practice on Marconics, Ascension Coaching and Past Life Regressions? 

In a nutshell, it's time to move into higher frequency modalities. Marconics is a 5D healing modality that picks up where other healing modalities we have all grown to love leave off. The earth is now vibrating at the frequency of lower 4D and moving into 5D.


The modalities that we have used for the last few thousand years were developed for the 3D carbon body template. As our bodies shift to be more crystalline instead of carbon based, our bodies need new healing modalities that can continue to shift our bodies away from carbon based to crystalline based templates.


Some of us who are sensitive to energies or are practicing the modalities of the past with our clients are finding that the modalities that we have been using are no longer as effective as they used to be, or not effective at all. Those that are just beginning their awakening journey may still experience benefit from the 3D modalities as their bodies are still acclimating to the higher frequencies, however I am focused on providing my clients with the most potent energy healing modality I have to offer. Want to know if Marconics is right for you? Schedule a FREE 30 Minute consultation to see if you are a match for Marconics. 

What is Ascension Coaching?

Marconics helps the body acclimate to the new 5D frequencies, and as an Ascension Coach I help my clients shift their mindset into a 5D mindset. Ascension Coaching also helps you navigate the changes you are seeing/feeling in your body as your body shifts and acclimates to the new frequencies. This includes navigating ascension symptoms and newly acquired intuitive abilities coming online. Feeling out of alignment with your current life? Ascension Coaching may be helpful. Interested in knowing more about Ascension Coaching? Schedule a FREE 30 Minute Consultation

What about Past Life Regressions?

I still see value in doing Past Life Regressions as they help people connect with their higher selves as well as seeing past lives/future lives. Soon, we will no longer need Past Life Regressions as we continue to awaken and move further into 4D, the veil of forgetfulness that we are currently living under will lift and we will have instant access to all of our lives, all timelines and dimensions. Until then, I will continue to offer Past life regressions for my clients. 

My focus is now more than ever on helping people release the densities that have been accumulated through lifetimes of trauma so that they can be in a vibrational match for the new 5D frequencies flooding the earth. I see clients virtually and in-person and have a passion for teaching others how to heal themselves and to be a conduit of healing for others.

I look forward to meeting you, working with you and helping you move into 5D as smoothly as possible.



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