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Emotional Release

Step into a space of emotional liberation using Emotional Release techniques designed to unlock and release trapped emotions from pre-birth to the present. These sessions delve into both the energetic and physical body, releasing emotions that keep you stuck in patterns that are often difficult to move on from.


Emotional Release sessions can utilize a variety of Emotional Clearing methods and techniques, including:

  • Chakra Line Clears, fostering emotional harmony between individuals

  • General Emotional Clears that address thoughts, relationships, goals, and addictions

  • Manifestation Clears to propel you toward your dreams by resolving emotional blocks

  • Money Clears to untangle emotions linked to financial matters

  • Health Related Clears that pinpoint emotions potentially causing bodily imbalances and discomfort.


Experience the profound freedom of unburdening yourself from emotional weights that hinder your well-being.

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