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How to Prepare for Your

Online Past Life Regression Session


Below is the information to prepare for your online past life regression session. Make sure to take care of Step 1 ASAP.


Please complete this online form a few days prior to our session.


Here are some things you will need for your online Quantum Healing Hypnosis/Past Life Regression session.


  1. Wired Headset with boom microphone that has adjustable volume (such as these which are good or these which are a little better as they have controls for both microphone and headset volume which enables you to control the volume of my voice to the level that is pleasing to you.

    Order or purchase your headset right away so you have them in time for your session. If you do not have the proper headset when it's time for your session, you will need to reschedule.

    You can get these from a local electronics store as well if you want. It is important that they are not bluetooth because we don't want them to die in your session. Also pay attention to the type of connector the headset has to make sure it is compatible with your laptop. Some have a 3.5 mm standard headphone jack, whereas others have the older USB connector. Some of them come with multiple adaptors to fit multiple connections. If you have questions please reach out to me and I will help you.

  2. Computer (preferably a laptop) with a camera and stable internet connection, preferably wired internet connection vs wireless. Laptop must be plugged in at all times so the battery doesn't run out mid-session. No iPads, tablets or phones should be used for your session. 

  3. Unplug and reboot your router before our session.

  4. Eat before your session (fasting ok too) however food in your stomach makes it so that your stomach isn't growling and also eating a meal beforehand actually helps you relax (think of food comatose).

  5. Make sure there are no animals in your room, and if you live with animals that you can close the door to keep them out.

  6. Have a quiet and relatively dim lit room to lay down in, preferably on a bed and have a blanket to put over you for during the session.

  7. Make sure you let others know to not knock on the door or disturb you during your session.

  8. Make sure no-one uses the microwave during your session as this will disturb the wireless connection, in the event that you are not wired.

  9. You will need somewhere to set your laptop such as a table or shelf that is close to where you are laying down so that I can see you at all times.

  10. I will need an emergency contact so that if something were to happen to our connection I have a way of checking to make sure you are safe. We can talk about this further.

  11. Eating directly afterwards will help you ground and get back into your body. 

  12. Think about questions you want to ask your higher self as this is one of the most powerful reasons to do a past life regression. The past life helps to address any stuck emotions from the lives that you are shown, and the process of seeing the past lives strengthens the connection to your subconscious which is where you can get the answers to your questions. Write down your questions and add them to the form when filling it out in the space provided, or you can email your questions to me.


Please watch this video in full prior to your session:


I look forward to your session!

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