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Client Testimonials

Lanette is amazing at what she does! I had a completely blocked root chakra and was given a spiral clear. Lanette also walked me through the human design of myself and my entire family which really made things clearer about our communication and relationships with one another. Lanette is extremely professional, skilled, and takes time with her clients making them feel special and that she truly cares! I would highly recommend using these services for anyone that needs to rejuvenate, clarify, discover, or address any aspect in their lives.

Colleen Paap

My 16 yr old daughter did the Angel Healing and Past Life Regression. She said it was an awesome experience that should could have never imagined and is looking forward to doing it again!

Jessie Gil

My time with Lanette was magical! She was able to take someone who never sees to a place, where I was able to witness myself as a little girl helping my present day self off of a cloud. And to remember occasions that I had blocked from my memory. What an incredible service she provides to others.

Anita Frey

I had my quantum healing hypnosis technique session with Lanette and I would recommend this to anyone who has an interest in past life regression therapy.  I've never undergone hypnosis before and had a little "performance" anxiety because I've always wondered if I would even respond to hypnotherapy.  

Lanette has a calm and casual style that takes the pressure off of her clients. The direction the session went in surprised me. I was conscious, but it's like being in a dream. I "woke" up and forgot most of what I said.  

Thank goodness Lanette recorded the session and left me with a copy of the conversation. It allowed me to replay everything and process some details that seemed insignificant.  I believe that QHHT is helpful for identifying unexplained personality habits that you can't seem to understand about yourself.  It's quite fascinating being able to refer to past life experiences that imprint your consciousness.  

Even if you worry about not being able to connect, I recommend QHHT. It's a process that should be used more than once to get past the layers of forgotten lifetimes.   

Alethea Jimison

I met with Lanette to get a Bar Reading Session and it was more than amazing! She got to know me before just jumping in, explained the whole process and was very pleasant to work with. Very relaxing experience and definitely recommend checking her out.

Diana Sanchez

Lanette is great at what she does. I would highly recommend a QHHT session. I saw myself through several different lifetimes and found very deep healing.

Enigma D

Lanette was wonderful about making sure I was comfortable before, during and after my past life regression session. She took time to answer my questions and fully understand what I was wanting from my session. She was prompt in sending me my recording. I would suggest her services to anyone who is looking for a skilled past life regression practitioner. I know she offers many other services as well. D. Burd,

D Burd

My session with Lanette was awesome! She is very professional and was able to help me relax and get some clarity. I highly recommend Elevate Your Health Vibe for quality Energy work!

Mary Conley

I have had a Bars, Human Design, and Past Life Regression with Lanette. She has helped me to realize a better sense of self. I highly recommend her services.

Courtney Chase

Lanette is very calming and helps ease the worry about giving up control and relaxing so you can allow for her to help guide you through your past life regressions.

Hallie Aragon

Lanette is a conscious creator of sacred space! She seems to put spirit work in each object carefully with the consistent thought to include others!

Akeem Sami

My wife and I just had our ETR healing session last night with Lanette and just wanted to thank her for the wonderful and effective session. While the work of the session is ongoing, we both had experiences during her session while meditating, as well as immediately afterwards. My wife was visited by a being she described with great detail, and had someone with a huge diamond or crystal ring moving it around on her, doing work on her I presume. I had some feelings to release, but then felt immense gratitude for the experience. I also felt and saw geometry around me and felt an etheric plasma environment of connection. Just after the session I had a smile that could swallow my head lol...Felt super connected to my family and cats, had a little cry, then connected to my higher self and did some energy work on my daughter~We highly recommend an Energy Transfer Reset session from Lanette Ferguson​​~Her potent connection to the dimensions is heartfelt and she's a wonderful soul~With gratitude, Zulema and Rama

Zulema and Rama

Lanette is highly skilled in her healing modalities. I would recommend scheduling a session to help push you towards reaching your higher potentials! I've struggled with numbness down my left leg from an injury and surgery experienced 10 years ago. Then add to that emotional traumas and limitations. Lanette helped clear some of my "baggage" which brought feeling back to certain parts of my leg. I am extremely excited to schedule another session to further my healing process. Thank you Lanette!!! 

Zee Marilena

It has been 3 days since my ETR session and the lucid dreams have been soaring in. All the dreams have been about releasing - ancient pasts, me sacrificing my needs for others...the list goes on. During the session I could feel my body tinkling, white light in my 3rd eye, energy focused on my arthritic thumb, and a HUGE wave in my chest space that came & went but provided great comfort......I knew All is Well. Believing in all this Galactic Spiritual help has changed my life.

Mary McVey

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