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MegaSporeBiotic - Spore based probiotic

Microbiome Labs Total Gut Restoration Protocol

I highly recommend following the Microbiome Labs Total Gut Restoration protocol to restore the integrity of the microbiome. The 3 products on this page are part of the TGR protocol.

The TGR protocol reverses leaky gut and restores the mucosal barrier of the intestinal lining. Here is the protocol for you to download and follow. 


MegaPre - Prebiotic that feeds the probiotic, increasing the gut's ability to heal.

NOTE: To order Microbiome Labs products, you must first create an account. You will be able to place your order after creating your account. 

I do not make money off of your order as I pass my discount onto my clients.


MegaMucosa - Restore's the mucosal layer in the gut. 


MegaQuinone K2-7 - Helps to direct calcium away from the arteries and back into the bones where it belongs. 


Ayahuasca Microdosing - There are incredible benefits to microdosing Ayahuasca, and exciting new research comes out every day regarding its effects.

Use Promo Code elevate10 for 10% off of your purchase. 


Tower Garden and Juice Plus -


Grow Your Own Food.
Grow a Healthier You.

Good health starts with good habits, like eating wholesome foods. And with Tower Garden, you can easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich food virtually anywhere, year‑round, without soil.

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