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About Lanette

Ascension Coach, Advanced Marconic Practitioner, Quantum Distance Healing, Online Past Life Regression Practitioner, Healer, & Reiki Master

As an Advanced Marconic practitioner, Ascension Coach and Past Life Regression Practitioner, I not only help people remove emotional and energetic blocks to wellness, I also help them shift their mindset and body into higher frequencies so they vibrate higher and naturally feel better, lighter, and effortlessly drop addictions and old habits. Continued....

Client Testimonials

My session with Lanette was truly magical. She is very calming and reassuring, you feel very safe and protected during the entire process. The information that come through was really something dreams are made of. What an enlightening and satisfying experience. If you want to dive deeper into who you truly are I highly recommend booking your session with Lanette today!!!

Loni Bame

Sat on the Rocks