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Online Past Life Regression Practitioner

About Lanette

Ascension Coach, Advanced Marconic Practitioner, Quantum Distance Healing, Online Past Life Regression Practitioner, Healer, & Reiki Master

As an Advanced Marconic practitioner, Ascension Coach and Past Life Regression Practitioner, I not only help people remove emotional and energetic blocks to wellness, I also help them shift their mindset and body into higher frequencies so they vibrate higher and naturally feel better, lighter, and effortlessly drop addictions and old habits. Continued....

Client Testimonials

"I am a Reiki practitioner and intuitive healer. I've had 3 distance Marconics No Touch sessions from Lanette. The first session occurred during a time that I was experiencing a significant amount of anxiety and grief. I also suffer from insomnia. After that session with Lanette, I was extremely relaxed and was able to sleep because it calmed my mind and body.

I then had a second No Touch session and during the session I felt pressure in my jaw, and cramping in my foot, which went away after the session. Afterwards, I asked my guides what had happened during the session. They said that it released past life traumas and “brushed” away the residual energies from those past lives. It then calms the physical body as the energies go through the cells and organs. They said the Marconics No Touch also closes the gap between you and your higher self, raises your vibration, connects you to the light, and opens your third eye. I felt, as well as saw this as it was happening in my body.

As a Reiki practitioner, I wanted to know the healing differences between Reiki and Marconics No Touch as I have received many Reiki sessions. One of the main differences that I felt and was told intuitively by my guides is that Reiki connects you to your current and past life trauma, but leaves the person to do more work to bring up and release the trauma. Marconics No Touch releases it for the person. This is huge for me as I have been struggling with releasing a past life trauma from my jaw and I felt it finally release during my session.

During my 3rd session, I felt an overwhelming release of grief that I had been holding onto. I highly recommend the Marconics No Touch and Lanette as a healer as I have been so impressed with the results. My guides have also suggested I continue to receive a No Touch at least once a week so I can continue to receive all of the healing benefits mentioned above."

J Beasley

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