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We are moving through the dark night of the soul

Our world, our reality, is moving through the dark night of the soul. Many things are ending, giving opportunity for many things to begin, if we allow them, and if we truly see what is happening before our eyes. For many, including myself, 2020 was a year when many lost their jobs, their main sources of income, their homes, creating much instability in their lives. In May of this year, I lost my job, prompting the sale of my home in Austin and a move to a small town in WY to start anew. It is in this loss that I found myself. I don’t think I am alone in this phenomenon. Many have realized that the system we were part of, the system we were helping to perpetuate, participating day after day as if we were asleep, was a system meant to keep us as slaves, making many men rich, and many more poor. These days are ending. As the old system crumbles, and we go through this dark night of the soul, a new beginning is emerging, where we get to decide what brings us joy, and what feeds our soul.

When I lost my job in May 2020, I knew right then that this was my opportunity to step into my purpose work, to break free from the broken system that was making me miserable. It was time to step into my role serving humanity as a healer. What do I heal? Souls. You may think this a grand statement but it’s true. We are all souls occupying a physical body. We are eternal, as our souls are eternal. Over our lifetimes, including this one, we accumulate trauma that weighs us down. This trauma creates dis-ease either in the form of physical ailments or mental. When we release the trauma, our souls can be free. I have spent a lifetime working through my trauma and have come to a point in my life where I help others release theirs. When you are ready to break free from your dark night of the soul, let me know, I can help.

We are not done as a collective moving through this dark night of the soul. The system will continue to crumble as it no longer serves our higher good. We are being freed from these systems and we are being asked to let go of them and to find what brings us joy, what feeds our souls. This transition is uncomfortable as all change is. It is how we respond to change that is important. How are you experiencing this dark night of the soul? What is coming up for you? Thank you and blessings for you and your families in 2021.

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